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Featured Item: Quantum Microeconomics

Quantum Microeconomics is an online (and basically open-source) microeconomics textbook that builds up from individual optimization to strategic interactions between individuals to competitive market interactions between many individuals, thereby integrating decision theory, game theory, and price theory into a coherent whole. As described in the preface:

"In structure this book is not unlike a hiking trip. We start out by putting our boots on and getting our gear together: in Part I we study the optimizing individual. Then we set out on our path and immediately find ourselves hacking through some pretty thick jungle: even simple interactions between just two people (Part II) can be very complicated! As we add even more people (in studying auctions, for example), things get even more complicated, and the jungle gets even thicker. Then a miracle occurs: we add even more people, and a complex situation suddenly becomes simple. After hacking through thick jungle, we find ourselves in a beautiful clearing: competitive markets (Part III) are remarkably easy to analyze and understand."

The text is intended for use in introductory classes, but a calculus-based version is also available for courses in intermediate microeconomics. Both versions are covered by a Creative Commons license that establishes simple guidelines under which you (or anyone else) can freely use and/or modify the text for non-commercial purposes. For details or to download the text, visit the Quantum Microeconomics Homepage.